Online Factoring

We provide you with the capabilities you need to run an efficient invoice factoring business. Our cloud-based solution lets factors and their customers manage the factoring account from anywhere at any time

Online invoicing has never been easier.
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Our solutions are specially developed to support the process to handle the purchase of invoices and the sub processes
related such as credit checking, trace of unpaid invoices and debt collection.

Client login

We give you the opportunity to let the invoice issuer to register their invoice into your system manually or automatically using API or virtual printer.

This makes the process faster and increases the quality as the system verifies that all required information is provided.

The invoice issuer also has the opportunity to check the status of sold invoices so you can be relieved from phone calls with questions about active bills.

Credit check on potential clients

Performing credit control with high quality is an invaluable help when you consider an investment. We can help you to access the credit information you need when you need it.

We have integrated several of the leading credit information providers and can make credit scoring accessible to you for manual credit decision or by automatic decision by our intelligent decision engine.

Automatic Process and monitoring

The service supports a wide number of alternatives when acquiring an invoice. The system will automatically calculate commission, fees and risk profile based on unique customer settings.  keeps track of bought invoices. 

Advanced security feature that keeps monitor unpaid invoices. Based on your business rules, the system can automatically send payment reminders, send invoices for collection or issue a re-purchase by the customer. 

High security

The service is protected using 2-factor authentication and role-based access.

Role-based access does not only protect you data from un-authorized access but also  enable sharing of responsibility for an invoice during the life cycle.

Automatic invoice printing & distribution

We make sure that invoices reach the recipient through our ecosystem of distributers. 

Based on the recipients needs we can distribute the invoice as physical print, as e-mail, or as e-invoice. If you prefer to print the invoice and distribute it yourself you can of course do that as well. 

This also includes reminder and interest invoices.

Overview of the engagement

A number of reports in combination with the integrated ledger dashboard give you possibility to have good control of all the purchased invoices, your clients and their engagements.

If you have additional needs for follow up or reports we can provide you with a full scale data warehouse you can use for advanced business intelligence.